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Old Ghosts (Medium at Large Book Three)

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Not all ghosts are dead.

A Grey Lady on the stairs.

A long-missing skier in the walls.

A medium losing his cool.

And an ex boyfriend in the bedroom.

Things are going fine. Just...fine.

It was supposed to be an easy investigation: a classic ghost story, an old house with lots of loose floorboards and hissing pipes, surrounded by dense forest... Every strange noise and weird shadow accounted for and explainable.

Except for the sound of Oscar being accused of misleading his audience, of being a con artist.

And the Julian's ex showing up at the investigation as the new owner of the ski resort, haunted by the Gray Lady of the Rockies.

Julian should have known better than to believe it was going to be an easy investigation


The scariest hauntings aren't the dead. They're the ghosts we keep inside.

Oscar has it under control.


The Gray Lady of the Rockies is supposed to be a simple investigation, something they all need after the last few months, but when the first night in the Chateau de Neige turns up an extra dead body in the old family cemetery, and an extra live one in the ski lodge's dining room, Oscar's grasp on the situation feels like it might be slipping.

His abilities are still in a state of flux—one day they're just fine, the next the volume is cranked to eleven with no warning and no in between.

And really, Oscar was sure he could handle it so long as the ghosts would stop being so damn critical.

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Old Ghosts (Medium at Large Book Three)

0 ratings
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