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Bump in the Night (Medium at Large Book One)


 Julian Weems doesn't believe in aliens, cryptids, ESP, pineapple on his pizza, or ghosts.

Oscar Fellowes is determined to change his mind about at least two of those things.

Julian Weems is a professional skeptic. Scratch that—he's a disgraced ex-professor who just plays one on TV. Specifically, on UnReality's soon-to-be-hit, Bump in the Night. Alongside medium Oscar Fellowes, Julian is set to investigate (alleged!) hauntings and get to the bottom of some old mysteries.

That thumping sound upstairs? Floorboards settling.

The cabinets that won't stay closed? Old hinges.

The disembodied voices, flying dishes, and crying maid who disappears in front of your very eyes?

Well, there's explanations for those, too. Oscar has plenty of them. Just not anything Julian can accept.

You don't have to believe in ghosts for them to believe in you.

Oscar Fellowes has dealt with skeptics his entire life. None of them have ever been quite like Julian Weems, though. He doesn't have to be an empath to pick up on the mutual attraction between them and he's willing to overlook—for now—Julian's adamant refusal to accept what's happening around them.

The Hendricks family who died over a century ago haven't left their house, and they want help. The dead demand justice before they can rest in peace and their anger seems strong enough to reach between worlds.

Bump in the Night is a paranormal romance and book one in a series. It can be read as a standalone but has elements that will continue throughout the rest of the series, including a growing romance between the resident skeptic and professional medium.

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Bump in the Night (Medium at Large Book One)

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