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After Life (Medium at Large Book Five)

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Sometimes you just need a break.

Too bad these ghosts didn't get the memo.

The cottage Julian picked out is perfect: ocean practically at their feet, a charming little beachfront town just a mile away, and the house itself is something out of a fairy tale.

The only thing is, Julian was expecting something less Grimm Brothers and more... not that.

The entire town of Rosie Sands is obsessed with ghosts, which means the relaxing getaway for two has become a business trip for five.

Ten, if you count the dead who just won't go away.

Unable to deny their existence any longer, Julian finds that he can't ignore the dead, either. Not when they've realized he can see them, too.

Over my dead body is supposed to be a turn of phrase, not a promise.

Oscar laughed off the fact Julian booked them a getaway at a haunted cottage—after all, most places were haunted in some way or another. There was no avoiding that.

And the fact the town was so haunted was a bit funny, and really charming, if Oscar was honest with himself.

The only big problem was the landlady and her boyfriend wouldn't stop fighting. It was keeping Oscar up all night.

Oh, and her boyfriend was a ghost.

And so were half the people in town.

Next time, he's choosing where they go for vacation.

A  ghost town that wouldn't die.

A medium who won't leave.

And a skeptic who just wants decent reception on his phone to get some help, for crying out loud...

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After Life (Medium at Large Book Five)

0 ratings
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